Tuesday, 14 March 2017

3 Simple Tips to Improve Your 2017 SEO on A Small Budget

Whether you are a renowned company, a small business or mere startups, search engine optimization is the great way to rank your website on Google top SERPs. The aspect of online marketing can be even more intimidating if you have a small marketing budget.

You think twice before throwing your money at your marketing strategy. But money is not the solution to all the good things. You can grow your business and rank your keywords on a small budget if you make the SEO strategy effectively. You will need to use your time and resources efficiently if you want to get the most out of your SEO strategy. Your creativity and focus on your efforts will yield the greatest results.

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Whether you are doing on your own or hiring some digital marketing agency in San Diego, blogging, back linking, local SEO etc are all important aspects of the business plan, but they also take experience and lot of knowledge to run efficiently.

If you have also tight SEO budget, here are some tips to build a winning SEO strategy on a low budget.

Focus on long-tail keywords

Your customers want answers to their questions, and they want it relevant and fast. So your business needs to focus on user intent when building SEO strategy.

When your SEO budget is limited, the best strategy for a business is to use long tail keywords instead of general keywords. Long tail keywords are key phrases that are more specific to the needs of your customer. These type of phrases show more accurate results to your customer.

Long tail keywords have several other benefits as well:
•    Particular user-intent focus, publication and content production.
•    They are highly focused and relevant to online searches
•    Lower competition compared to general keyword variations
•    These keywords drive higher conversions because they deliver highly qualified traffic and leads through online searches.

The reason long tail keywords work great for low budget businesses is that Google continues to update algorithm to favor content that is relevant to specific search queries.

Guest Blog Posts

The guest blog post is a powerful way to share your knowledge with a large number of new people and helps you generate backlinks.  Guest blogging is an economical way to build backlinks, establish the great relationship and generate the new audience for your content.

Guest blogging provides you benefits only if the content you are sharing is of high quality. If you are sharing garbage content on sites with low authority, then there is no benefit of guest blogging. While guest blogging helps to build your online ranking on a tight budget, it will require a significant amount of time to perform necessary tasks, including:

•    Research guest blogging sites related to your industry that can accept your post.
•    Create a high-quality engaging content that fulfills the demands of your customer
•    Reach out to blog editors and publish excellent content
•    Follow up and build a strong relationship

Local Optimization

If you have low SEO budget, it would be better off to focus on the local or regional market. Focusing on your local area will provide the highest ROI and quickest growth opportunity compared to spreading your attention across the globe.

Local SEO is the great way to build a strong online presence on a relatively small SEO budget. So ask your marketing agency San Diego for local SEO and get the maximum from your digital marketing efforts.  Here are some strategies you can use for local optimization:
1. Set up Google my business and local SEO accounts: Display your business on Google maps, Google search results and Google plus. If your business has different locations in a region, try to set up different locations. If you want to have a high-quality first impression, upload high-quality pictures and videos. Highlight reviews from past customers which are great way to generate brand value and believe in consumer’s mind.

2. Generate local reviews: Show that community members use and love your services and your business is trustworthy. The local review helps you to build the positive reputation.

3. Get involved with local networking and meet ups.

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